SCAM: Credit One Bank Visa Platinum | CapitalOne

By Gavin | November 16, 2018

Today I'm going to talking to you about a scam that you may be involved in or you may be getting involved in. How you noticed a lot of these pre-authorization pre-approved letters and credit card companies? This one company you must stay away from, and it's called credit one.

Credit one's local, it's very similar to the logo of Capital One. Most people will say, what's the big deal? The letter tells you you've been approved for a credit limit of $1,500, that's a lie, most people that get this particular card credit limit is no more than three hundred and forty dollars. Let me tell you about this card. You get a twenty-three point ninety percent interest rate, there is a $75 yearly membership fee, after that is $100 and an $8.25 monthly fee, isn't that crazy? Then you get a $35 late fee, thirty-five dollar return payment, and also you have to pay ten dollars to process your payments. and your payments are put on hold for ten days.

So are you saying this company deliberately set people up to go into debt? Yes, they do. Stay away from them, I call the company and I told them don't send me this crap in my mail again, and I told them going to warn people about their stamps, do not get involved with this company, they are dangerous, they are dishonest and they are crooks, stay away from them.

But if the truth, if you want to rebuild your credit, try the real thing capital wants to cure, put down $40, $50, hundred, whatever, and get a credit limit of $200, will they said that they're going to give me $300? Yes, they will, and they're going to take that with $75 from that, leaving you with a credit limit of two hundred and twenty-five dollars, and every month there is a monthly maintenance fee.

With the help people grow up, if you are in debt, you have to make the first step, and that is learning how to read the reason. Why you are in debt is because you have not read the current conditions of your bills.

Let me know about your credit card experience and what the best credit card you think people should use to rebuild their credit.