By Gavin | July 26, 2018


Capital one card has no monthly fees, you are close to a Capital One branch, you could direct deposit the money in there with your account and pin.

Here I just wanted to hurt you, I told you I was going on unboxing and all that, but this one I want to let you all know, see this card right here, look this, what I'm going to tell you is they got over 40,000 ATM way to take out some money for free, and all that, so I'll come with the app, but not let you saying this comes in handy.

I just want to talk about it for a minute, I just got this, and I'm just using it all that, I had Bank of America, I still got Bank with Morocco, but I'm going to call them tomorrow, and they need to cancel that account, if anything you know about it, if anybody knows about certain banks, certain banks charge monthly fees, Bank of America right now charging me $12 a month if I don't have a direct deposit over $500, I'm not working right now but I get a little bit of income from YouTube, and like the law stuff, I do I try to get money and put it in my account, just try to see what money not let account not enough, they are killing me right now with that 12 hours, it's just too much or this is ridiculous, I Google one day and I was like I need to fire something, it's not charging me monthly fees and something just decently, I just need something for some reason. I want to came across, a couple of cards too and I just picked my name one to try to order them, and it came in the mail, and all that like another one called Chyme card, it was a green card or something like that, but I came across Capital One, so look in there, I'm going to look on, so starting on Capital One 360.

What is that chuckles, I'm going on website, I'm looking at all, and looks like they talking about no monthly fees, they talking about if you are close to a Capital One branch, you could direct deposit the money in there, and I just did that today, I had direct deposit, I did the right deposit, some cash like four hundred, ten thousand and worked, put my card in there, put my pin number, that's like all right, so if I'm going to take out some money, all I got to do is use the app look up what ATMs is free, because the one thing I like about it, I'm going to have to show you all that, but I'm just rambling my mouth.

If anybody want any more questions with a 360 copy for you, I try to order it, just let me know, but you get the Capital One app, and you go type in like this, it let you know what the ATMs and the branches and all that, and then right next on the ATMs, we do wants to pop up and to see a 360 next to it, and then the one got a 360 circle like this, and I like that, you can go to the ATM, take the money out for free, so that's real good, this card comes in handy, if anybody trying to and I'm letting everybody know, if you don't have a bank account and if you are brand-new youtube, or if you still are youtube and not getting that much money, grab you one of these cards, I'm telling you grab you a Capital One 360, cut you like for real for rooms, I guess, I've been using them going on me, I just got my card but I'm using for like a week, now I'm loving it, I'm buying stuff, I got them, I mean I just bought this far, I bought this pawn actually with this card, swipe the card, it's just the same thing, but this is real cool, then you got some cons and some pros with it, and once I charge my phone up, I'd do another thing, I can just break stuff down to you, but if anybody don't like, I don't do it.

Last all I need to do is withdraw money at the ATM direct deposit a couple of hours, if I'm saving money, even I use it online or use it at the store, that's it, nothing else with this card because I don't need it, so if anybody else got something else to do, like more with this, then I don't think it's the card for you, but I'm going to read the cause and approach, once I get the information, but I just wanted to hurry up and do this for you all, because I just did this after the unboxing though, so if you got any more questions, leave a comment under this and let me know, I'm just

I just said go master debit mastercard, it's a go shorter, and like I said even if you don't find like a 360 next to you, I might charge you, maybe like two thousand three dollars, that's just what it is though, but you can still go to Bank of America or M&T Bank, if you really in a rush like that, and you can't find like a 360 next to you, it's just the same thing, sample over the net, though the best thing about this card is no monthly feed, that's the best thing about it, it can't get any better than that, I'm proud and I really appreciate that, it got this card and I'm hoping they have it for a long time, so I just want to let you all know the Capital One 360 card, just wanted to talk a little bit, now because some people might be going through the same thing, I was going through makeup America, I'm cancelling them to Marlboro ASAP, I just can't rock with it, Capital One 360, I'm going by 2018, it's your boy to the loot to the loot EVPs.